Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames

Release: Fall 2016
Genre: RTS, Tug-of-War
Platform: PC, Mac

Shadow Heroes is a real-time strategy game that focuses on the strategy instead of micromanagement. You are the commander of an army, not the hand manipulating every single peon. Your role is to train and hire your troops, craft and assign equipment, then select what units head out in each wave of attack against your enemies.

But don't expect to wait with your arms crossed while your men and women die for ideals! As your troops clash with the enemy, you will have orders to give and decisions to make. Should your paladins use their inferno diamonds now? Should you send cherubs to support your weakened front line? What about those erratic thaumaturgic machines that look like they are ready to blow up?


Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames Features:

  • A non-traditional fantasy world: You want something different, and so do we! Hendrika mixes technology with magic and the spice of real world conflicts.
  • A new form of RTS: Game Modes change the way each game plays. Commanders gives you access to powerful units that enhance your army in a unique Tug-of-war experience. In Onslaught your tactics will be tested in a blend of tower defense with Tug-of-war aspects.
  • A Single-player campaign: You are Garrison Captain Armas Vilhelmi, reluctant governor of a frontier town in the Republic of Three Towers. Your job: dealing with rioting slaves, hunting pro-magic terrorists and making the hard decisions no one else can!
  • A Multi-player campaign: You are the leader of your own army, serving any of Hendrika's 8 nations in a living online campaign! Join forces with other commanders and lead your nation to victory!
  • The chance to make History: Nations will rise and fall, alliances will be shaped and wars will be declared. Ancient secrets will be sought and revealed. Ultimately, it is player's successes and failures that shape the Future of Hendrika.


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