Shadow Heroes: Chibi Fight

Release: Released 2014
Genre: Reflex
Platform: Android

Test your dueling ability as one of the warriors of Hendrika in this addictive and challenging reflex game!

The warriors of Hendrika decided to take a break from the massive war and find out just who exactly is the best, but only the fastest will be considered victors. Pick your favorite character and tests your reflexes to the extreme.

To win a fight, you simply need to tap the screen as soon as you see your opponent ready to attack but don't click too soon or you will trip! 
To unlock more characters, simply get a high enough score. When unlocked, you may choose them as your champions and also face them in battle. Will you be able to see them all?

Shadow Heroes: Chibi Fight Features

  • Chibi characters based on the upcoming Shadow Heroes universe
  • Easy and fun to play with one touch interaction
  • Incredibly difficult to master gameplay
  • Unlockable characters, each with their own unique quips
  • An endless amount of fun with bragging rights for those with the highest score.