About Allied

Allied Games is an up and coming videogame design company that creates fun and competitive games for PC. We seek out exceptional individuals from around the world to help not only build but design our games. We believe that everyone should have a say in the design process, from an entry level artist to an 8 year veteran project manager. Ideas are ideas no matter where they come from and if it will make our games more fun, we want to hear them.

Allied Games was founded in Mississauga Ontario, October 2012 by a small group excited about creating games and helping individuals break into the industry. We are actively seeking partnerships with companies and educational facilities to help smooth the transition of individuals into the industry.


Our Design Practice

Everyone gets a say in everything that comes into a project. If it’s a character concept or a spawning system, everyone’s ideas are brought together and pulled into one place. Collaborative design is the key to making a game that everyone can stand behind. Just because you are not an artist does not mean you don’t have ideas for characters. Likewise, artists are encouraged to put forward ideas about game mechanics. No matter what your discipline, your voice will be heard on any subject.

At Allied, we like to keep things relaxed. There is a general rule of thumb we use when we make our games. Make It Functional, Then Make It Pretty. If the core gameplay is not fun with placeholders, all the shiny particle effects and high-res textures in the world will not make the game fun. We find it works fairly well and you would be hard pressed not to find some stick drawings in the office or roughed out character / interface designs.



Justin Dooley

Justin Dooley is President and CEO of Allied Games, responsible for overseeing day to day operations, including project management, marketing, development, and recruitment.

Justin has had formal training in art, game design and business from Seneca College, The International Academy of Design and Technology, and Sheridan College respectively. During his studies, Justin focused on building a skill-set that would allow him to communicate effectively with all members of his development team as well as his business team.

More recently, Justin meets the daily challenges of managing the time, cost of the projects he works on while also ensuring that Allied games is on track to meet it's long term goals. This has lead Justin to be selected as one of the members of the Sheridan College, program advisory council, responsible for informing the school of what the industry expects of it's graduates.

Alexandru Merza

Alexandru Merza has worked on various platforms and engines over the years, he brings his skills in programming to Allied Games. As one of the founders and CTO, he begins implementing his dreams into projects that up to this point were only a faint ideal in the corner of his mind.

Alexandru began developing an interest in gaming at a very early age. He often talks about the days when his father put together his first computer back in Romania and indulged him into a game of "Guess my number".

As the years passed, his appetite for gaming grew more and more insatiable. Hours upon hours would be lost in front of countless RPG's and old adventure games. Though, no matter how much he played, one aspect of gaming always fascinated him, their creation.

When he went to college, he enrolled into a computer networking and administration program at Seneca. Unfortunately, dealing with computer hardware, networks and system troubleshooting was far from what he kept dreaming about. In 2004 he took the decision of enrolling into a video game design course at the International Academy of Design and Technology. This three year program, shaped his dreams into reality. Alexandru started growing fond of working with gaming engines, such as Ogre 3D and wanted to continue pursuing this passion in the years to come.


People of Note

Listed below are some people that we work with and think are awesome. Check them out if you get the chance.

João Beraldo – Writer / World Builder

Eric Tang – Character Artist

Saimon Ma – Environmental Artist

Ben Barnard - 3D Character Artist

Jay Anderson - 3D Environmental Artist